Bringing in the new decade

Lessons from The Amad Show

Here is a list of the lessons that have most resonated with me, I hope you find them useful.

  1. Discover beauty in everyday life - Cheb Moha

  2. Nourish your creativity - Rosenda Archioni Meer

  3. Be calm, caring, confident, and consistent - Rami Farook

  4. Understand that there is a difference between imagination and real life - Sofia Guellaty

  5. Everyone goes through the struggle of identity - El Seed

  6. Always be honest with yourself - Layla Kardan

  7. Try to build a better future for your children - Mustafa Khan 

  8. Dare to dream - Arwa al Banawi

  9. Appreciate the stories that surround you - Mohammad Kazim

  10. Give life to your own character - Dana Boulous 

  11. Trust in your own reality - Aeli

  12. Be as sustainable on this earth as you can be - Samaher

  13. Create serendipity for others - Andre Gershel

  14. Tell stories - Mashael al Saie 

  15. You will be lost and you will be found throughout your life - Ali Shehabi

  16. Always push ahead - tala Soubra

  17. You have to consistently prove yourself as an individual - Saad Umerani

  18. You are your biggest critic - Nour Flayhan

  19. Stop looking for shortcuts, and figure it out - Chndy 

  20. The ultimate goal, is self reliance - Nadia Parekh

  21. Bring people together, build community - Maxime Cramate

  22. You have the power to decide the life you want to live - Rana Khadra

  23. There is a difference between wishing and believing - Aqib Anwar

  24. Whatever you want to do, just practice it - Hebah Fisher

  25. Let your intuition guide you, it knows best - Habibi Funk

  26. Never be ashamed of who you are - Moshtari Hilal

  27. Don’t postpone pleasure - Mohamed Elshahed

  28. There isn’t a recipe, you just have to navigate through - Alaa Balkhy

  29. Don’t think about a pink elephant! - Salman Najem

  30. Build your own principles - Meryem Slimani

  31. Make your life as simple as possible  - Mous Lamrabat

I am, and always will be, a work in progress. 

With gratitude,