Episode 26 - Moshtari Hilal

Never be ashamed of who you are

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"I learnt to never be fully ashamed of who I am, be reflective of my mistakes not hide any part of my identity, and not ever be ashamed of myself.“ - Moshtari Hilal

This week I sit down with Moshtari Hilal, an Afghan-German artist, researcher and curator living in Berlin. In this episode, Moshtari talks about the role art played in her life and how it was instrumental in connecting her with her roots in Afghanistan. Moshtari also shares the intricacies of her story growing up in a western country as an immigrant, facing issues of representation, racism and guilt. She shows us how she deconstructed false truths and the many narratives presented to her, to make sense of her life and create a unified narrative that was more representative of herself and her complexities.

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