Episode 38 - Jason Seife

Finding something that’s both aesthetically pleasing and conceptually fulfilling.

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So much has happened in the month that we’ve taken off, I got married, we all got locked into our homes, a virus took over the world. In all the craziness, I hope this show will give all of you some time to switch off from the worry and listen to the story of this amazing human being.

“In the parts of my life that I’ve been unhappy, I’ve been trying to find fulfillment outside myself.” - Jason Seife

This week I sit down with Jason Seife, a Syrian-Cuban artist and designer living in Miami. In this episode, Jason talks about the importance of pushing through and to keep on going, for life goes on even in the most uncertain of times. He also shares how his life came to a full circle through his travels and career choices, bringing him back to his calling; being a bridge between the traditional and the contemporary.

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