Introducing Listening In

A Zero to One Guide to Podcasting

Have you ever thought of starting a podcast? After hundreds of recordings and months of writing, I’m excited to be introducing:

Listening In, a Zero to One Guide to Podcasting.

What is it?
The playbook to creating meaningful podcasts, teaching you how to build and grow your podcast and personal brand in a compelling way.
These are the principles that built my podcasts from an idea to a network, topping the Apple Podcast Charts around the world.
These are the strategies behind the podcast consulting services that I provide to multinational companies like Coca Cola.
This course starts by teaching you the fundamental concepts, and ends by giving you the tools to execute.

- Learn to distill and present your ideas through podcasts.
- Leverage conversations to build your business and personal brand.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to launch your first podcast, have a system in place for publishing on a regular schedule and a tested strategy to build your listenership.

Who is it for?
- Anyone and everyone interested in starting a podcast, for personal or for business.
- Anyone looking to learn how to better articulate value as an already accomplished podcaster.

Available now for $99 on Gumroad, click the link below to purchase.

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